Commercial Poultry and Livestock Feeds

Vitarich is the first commercial feed company in the Philippines and has been producing poultry and livestock feeds that adhere to world quality standards since 1950;

Integrated Broiler Operation

As the demand for chicken increased, Vitarich was one of the few companies that took the challenge of providing chicken products to the country’s growing population through a fully integrated broiler production all the way to further processing and value adding under the Cook’s Chicken Brand.?READ MORE ABOUT THEIR BUSINESS



  • Year end sales should be great as Christmas and other festive events
  • They have recovered from legal proceedings 30th September
  • They should be doing well moving as they recover from a big fall



  • We believe the next earnings and PE Ratio will be better
  • A little over priced last year
  • The Price now is a fair value moving forward
  • We buy at current price and Peso average if the price falls to support

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Article by: Ashok – Strategic Coach & Mentor – Philippine Stocks


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