A financial plan is a comprehensive statement of an individual’s long-term objectives for security and well-being and a detailed savings and investing strategy for achieving those objectives. In either case, it begins with a thorough evaluation of the individual’s current financial state and future expectations. That’s exactly what these 3 Sunlife Advisers believed in:

Yafz Palamos

Finwaze encounter with her was indeed an incredible one; we saw her passion and her enthusiasm in doing financial planning for her clients. She believes in what she does and nothing less for her clients.

Every single day she motivates all her friends in her facebook, encouraging them to have faith in God and besides that she also shows how her clients made a difference in embarking into financial planning.

Therefore Finwaze ask her 4 questions:

??Why you want to be a Financial Adviser of Sunlife?

I was convinced to be FA by my manager easily because I am an insurance believer since my dad got policies and when he passed away we are the beneficiaries . And it really helped us all.

??What are your motivations?

My motivations mainly is to be able to prepare myself for critical illness ,retirement and financial freedom for my kids and family. Build & accumulate for my kids future .

??What makes you happy as a Financial Adviser?

It really is a great feeling being a FA because I got the chance to build a better life for my family and for the rests of the families I will be encountered with. Since helping people and reaching out to them is my passion then I guess this venture is really good for me. It took me a while praying and talking to God to guide and give me the right direction where I may be best with since I decided to chance the atmosphere of my previous business and God lead me to Sunlife. It is really His will where I am now .

??What is Financial Freedom means to you?

Financial freedom for me is seeing my Son and Daughter very successful in their lives soon . Traveling with them during my retirement years , and worry free when sickness or critical illness strikes and be able to depart with lots of properties funds to left my heirs . And most of all having saved millions of lives myself .

After reading her reasons; I felt real good. We applaud?Yafz Palamos for what she is doing for the people she serve.

Julie Ann Babate Inte

Finwaze encounter with Julie was an incredible one; her passion to do financial planning says it all in her body language. She is a person with no nonsense attitude but everyone should do financial planning. She puts her work before her own interest and Finwaze felt that she needs to be recognise by others in what she does.

Therefore Finwaze ask her 4 questions:

Why you want to be a financial adviser of Sunlife?
???I choose to believe that being a financial advisor is my true calling. Never thought that I have a noble role to every lives I’ve touched until I became a licensed one. Living a life of purpose is more meaningful than just earning money.

What are your motivations?
??If it weren’t for my deceased parents with no protection, I wouldn’t be here having this advocacy. To prevent them from experiencing the same unpleasant situation that will cause great regret later in their lives.

What makes you really happy as a financial adviser?
??For I am now a true believer of my advocacy. Work with passion. That fulfilling feeling and it’s a real blessing that I have people to provide with something useful in their future. Something to be proud of when you are being trusted.

What is financial freedom means to you?
??Prepared in all aspects. Living a life of contenment that doesn’t mean you have to lower or give up your quality standards but living in peace even unwanted sentiment may bring you

After reading her reasons; I felt good.?We applaud?Julie for what she is doing for the people she serve.

Dr. Sharon Ibarra

Finwaze experience with Dr. Sharon was unique; she comes from PNP before she became a Financial Adviser in Sunlife. She is a believer of Financial Literacy and she felt that becoming a financial adviser will be a good move to serve all the people she loves and care about.

Therefore Finwaze ask her 4 questions:

Why you want to be a financial adviser of Sunlife?

??To help one individual or one family understand the importance of financial planning, so they will be able to achieve financial independence or freedom.

What are your motivations?

??My motivations are:?FAITH, its by my faith to give all the glory to God;??HOPE, to give hope to the hopeless;?LOVE, to learn to love unconditionally. To serve above self.

What makes you really happy as a financial adviser?

??Seeing someone achieve thier goal of alleviating thier financial life and able to live a meaningful life.

What is financial freedom means to you?

??Financial freedom for me is when I dont have to worry anymore where to get money to sustain my basic needs. When I have the financial capacity to expand my horizon to help underpriveledge families to change thier lives for the better.


If you are thinking about Financial Planning; remember what these 3 financial advisers said, start your journey and believe in Financial Freedom. They do and they believe in what they do and they deserve to be recognised.

Article by: ?Ashok – Author, Practitioner,and International Speaker & Strategic Financial Coach


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